Alternate Spaces

Thought and attention have been given to minimizing inconvenience during the construction phase and beyond.

In July 2019, the desktop computers currently on the concourse level of the library and not yet at their defined end-of-life will be used to supplement the computers on the first and second floors of the Mina Rees Library, where they can be used by all members of the GC community.  The remainder of the computers will be removed from inventory in the usual manner.

The color printer currently on the concourse level will be moved to the DSC Lounge on the fifth floor.

Rooms C196.02 and C196.03, computer classrooms, will be repurposed as part of the CUNY 2020 space. In summer 2019, two alternate spaces will be converted into computer classrooms, one of which will be temporary. Room 3209, currently a classroom, will be converted into a computer classroom. Room 9204, currently a meeting room, will be used temporarily as a computer classroom during the construction process. At the completion of the CUNY 2020 construction process, Room C415B, which in the past has served as a large computer classroom, will be renovated and will once again serve as a large computer classroom.

The classes (two to four per semester) currently offered in the film screening room will be offered in the Art History Program’s slide room (Room 3421) where the equipment will be enhanced.

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If you have questions about spaces and equipment not listed here, please contact us.